How Strength Training Helps In Fat Loss And Getting Ripped Abs?

Prevailing wisdom claims that we need to do cardio and lots of it if we ever hope to lose fat.

Walk into any gym come spring, and you’ll see dozens of overweight individuals on cardio equipment, looking to get fit for the summer.

To be sure, cardio can help with weight loss. But what you should be looking for is fat loss – there is a difference. And this is where strength training comes in and makes it all possible.

How to Lose Weight


Strength Training Helps You Maintain Your Muscle

Fat loss and weight loss sound like the same thing, but they aren’t. You should always focus on the former.

When combined with a solid diet, regular strength training allows you to maintain your muscle mass as you lose the fat. That way, once you’re done with the diet, you look lean and defined. You’re also strong and athletic.

It Helps You Maintain A Higher Metabolic Rate

Because of the muscle-sparing effect strength training has while dieting, it also helps us maintain a higher metabolic rate as we get leaner. This is because muscle tissue is metabolically-costly, and the body needs to expend calories to keep it around.

More muscle translates to a higher metabolic rate, which means that you can eat more food and keep losing fat over the weeks and months.

It Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Plenty of research has shown that regular strength training improves our insulin sensitivity.

Better insulin sensitivity means that as you consume nutrients, the majority of them are allocated to the active (muscle) tissue and much less get stored as fat.

In the case of fat loss, better insulin sensitivity also means more nutrients are directed toward muscle, which leads to faster recovery from working out, better performance in the gym, more muscle growth, and more effective glycogen replenishment.

The Bottom Line

Strength training, while often overlooked, is a crucial factor for effective fat loss. Without it, we would lose just as much muscle as we would fat, and end up with results that are far from what we’ve initially set out for.

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