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Strength is the ability of the nervous system to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible when needed. So the goal of maximal strength training is to increase rate of force production for a single effort. Like other forms of resistance training, This allows you to build muscle and burn fat, strengthens your skeleton and reduces your risk of injury in other sports and activities.


Some benefits of Maximal strength training are-


Increased bone density- Lifting heavy weights helps in improving bone density. Just like muscles bones also become stronger when they are repetitively lifting heavy weights.


Promotes lean muscle mass- Powerlifting will ensure a higher lean muscle mass. This is also help in burins more calories everyday as muscle is more metabolically active than fat.


Enhances duration and quality of life- The human body tends to lose muscle as it ages. But if we continue to life heavy weights in a controlled environment and under good guidance it will not only prevent injury but also slow down the muscle loss process or even reverse it.


Enhances power- Lifting heavy weights for low repetitions helps in improving bursts of speed. This can promote fast twitch fibers development which can help in sports or improve our daily active life.

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