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Rave Fitness Studio was born in 2015 to provide a training experience to Kolkata like no other before. We are passionate about fitness and are committed to deliver the latest evidence based and personalized training systems to each and every client. Our workouts are effective, safe, dynamic and fun. They do not make you feel bored and monotonous so you keep looking forward to your next workout session. Unlike conventional gyms we emphasize on movement and not isolated muscles, our programs  focus on full body involvement and quality form & technique for optimal results.

We use a periodized training system of training to prevent overtraining and reduce the risk of injury by progressing slowly from one phase to the next.

The One Stop for All Fitness Conscious

At Rave Fitness Studio custom workouts are specially designed to meet your individual fitness goals. Our CrossFit and HIIT group classes are updated frequently, are performed under professional guidance and are full of energy. These sessions promote lean muscle building and fat loss much faster than traditional cardio workouts.

We provide complete nutrition guidance as per the goals of each client. In a nutshell we promote a better lifestyle!

Rave Fitness Studio offers effective fitness programs to clients from all age groups and different backgrounds ranging from amateurs to elite athletes.

We provide a very dynamic experience with several competitions, workshops and innovative games around the year.

Rave Fitness Studio Inter Box Meet was the first of its kind fitness meet in the city where several fitness professionals and enthusiasts participated in various competitive games including Kettle bells, Indoor Rowing, Cross Fit and Power-Lifting.

Since 2018 every year we have been conducting one of the most successful Obstacle Races in Kolkata. Both The Barrier Race and The Obstakiller Race has been attracting around 200 participants from various clubs and gyms across the city.

We keep having games and challenges at the studio throughout the year to keep things interesting and providing short-term goals.

We believe in excellence in action therefore, we try to implement this belief in our fitness programs to the maximum. Time tested techniques, experienced trainers, nutritional guidance, for amateurs to professional athletes, all in the attempt to spare no expense in our pursuit for optimal well being. When you become our member we don’t just sell you an entry to the gym to use equipments, we provide you with a complete training system. Come, try us out and feel the difference!