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So now that we have your attention let’s begin by explaining why you want a fitness program that promotes Fat Loss and not just Weight loss.

What is the difference you ask?

Your body weight consists of several things like the weight of fat mass, muscle mass, bones, organs, water weight, bowel content, etc. Now it’s probably not a good idea to take out an organ or bone from the body to reduce body weight. So what you really want to reduce is the excessive fat mass in the body.

Several quick weight loss programs and quick weight loss diets help reducing weight but most of the weight loss comes from body water weight and lean muscle mass. This type of weight loss is undesirable as its only temporary, makes you feel weak and causes untoned body with saggy skin. So its best to target fat loss instead of just weight loss.

Most people join fitness centers with a goal to lose belly fat or a specific area of the body. Unfortunately it is not possible to reduce body fat from a specific area of the body. Many people think that by doing fat burning exercises like crunches will reduce belly fat. You can’t target a fat loss program to reduce fat from hips, belly, thighs or any other body part. A healthy fat loss will reduce excess fat from throughout the body.

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Effective Fat Loss Tips

Do take a few minutes and go through the following tips for an effective fat loss and healthy lifestyle

1) Set a Goal :  Begin with getting a body composition analysis at Rave Fitness Studio which will give you some key insights on your present muscle to fat ratio and help you set an effective fat loss goal. You goal should have S.M.A.R.T characteristics –

  • S – Specific :- Set goals that can address what (what you want to achieve)
  • M – Measurable :- Your goals should be easily measurable (this is where a body composition analysis will help)
  • A – Achievable :- Focus on goals that are Achievable to your present circumstances (don’t set goals that you will not be able to achieve due to prior commitments)
  • R – Relevant :- Focus on goals that are relevant to you (if your goal is to lose fat do not chose an exercise program that focuses on increasing the weight lifted on bicep curls)
  • T – Time bound :- All goals need to have a specific time limit (in how much time do you want to lose the desired fat percentage)
2) Start Lifting Weights : One of the worst side effects of eating a low calorie or a calorie deficit diet is that it promotes muscle loss and slows metabolism. One of the best ways to prevent muscle loss is adding resistance training to your fitness routine. Research shows that lifting weights helps preserve lean muscle mass and gives a boost to your metabolism.

3) Try Interval Training : High-intensity interval training is a kind of training pattern where intense bursts of exercise are mixed with short periods of rest. While performing interval training your heart rate may go up to as high at 85% of its maximum estimated capacity. Most of the exercises chosen are full body movements (aerobic and strength) to maximize calorie burn.

4) Don’t Diet, Eat Healthy Instead : The problem with most diets is that they barely work in the long term. Its a much better approach to slowly change your eating behavior towards healthier eating that is more sustainable.Use the following tips to improve your eating habits but also keep in mind what is practically possible for you to continue forever.

  • Minimize the intake of refined carbohydrates which are sugars and grains that have been stripped down from their original fibrous versions. These include White bread, pasta, chips and most of the other packaged food items.
  • Drink plenty of Water, this is not only for hydrating purposes but drinking enough water also reduces water retention in the body resulting in weight loss and reduces inflammations.
  • Avoid added sugar, this is one of the worst side effects of the growth of the modern food industry. Sugar is added to almost everything. So the next time you are picking up your favorite fat free yogurt, you might want to check on the sugar content instead.
  • Eat more single ingredient foods, confused? what are the ingredients of an apple? or ingredients of eggs? that’s right! These are the real foods with real nutrition and come right out of the nature and not a factory. Keep your diet upwards of 85% coming out of these real foods.
  • Try to maintain a good balance between the macronutrient consumption. Eat enough unprocessed portions, unsaturated fats and natural carbohydrates.

5) Create a Calorie Deficit : The only real way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit, That mean eat lesser calories than your burn everyday. This can be done by adding your daily activity level to your resting metabolism and the creating a safe calorie deficit. The trick is to eat lesser but nutritious calories and being active throughout the day, not just killin’ it for an hour at the gym and being sedentary throughout the rest of the day.

Now that you know all the secrets to an effective fat loss program. Get in touch and start your Fat Loss journey with us.


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