Why is it Important to add Kettlebell Training in your Daily Workout Session?

We live in an era of numerous possibilities. People try out different things to get the best result. When it comes to physical fitnessand body-building, technology has given us a million ways to do so. Well, with so many options to try, in this age of body conditioning and strength building ‘kettlebell’ is gaining popularity and has become one of the standard tools amongst the different fitness trainers.

KETTLEBELLS- What is it?


KETTLEBELLS are the cannonball-shaped tools preferably used during the workout session. It is, nowadays, preferred by the fitness enthusiasts who want to have a good physique, well-toned body without investing much time.

These handled tools have been an essential equipment for every gym. Mr SAURAV ARORA, CrossFit L1 / NASM CPT Trainer and owner at Rave Fitness Studio, quotes the importance of kettlebell training and why should it be included in a daily workout session.

An Anecdote

People who are passionate about body-building and ‘being fit’ have been spending hours for years with the different tools. But their efforts did not yield what they werelooking for to shape their body. These people, at present, cherishes the result theyachieved after curtailing the training time to almost two-thirds- only because of the Kettlebell training.

Reasons Why It Should Be in Daily Workout Session

With the numerous advantages associated with the kettlebell training session, the following are some of the most prominent ones–

➢ It’s Always Going to Be a ‘FUNCTIONAL’ Workout


Ever experienced muscular strain or fatigue while lifting any objects on a day-to-day basis? If yes, then it is for sure that your muscles are all jammed and needs a workout. Kettlebell training is almost like a “functional” workout session where a person works to flex his or her muscle and can, for sure, lifts heavier objects easily.

➢ Helps Building Powerhouse for the Muscles


Fitness trainer, Mr Saurav says that one of the biggest mistakes that the novices make is performing the training without the guidance of the certified trainer. Since handling kettlebell is all about controlling the momentum and the speed; therefore, unlike the conventional weightlifting, it helps the person to tap in big power in their muscles. A session of workout with kettlebell gives the person multi-planar movements by swinging the bells in different patterns.

➢ Loss of More Calories Per Session of Exercise


Are you tired of your work time? A proper session is always going to have you out of your breath within a few minutes. It means you are going to lose more calories during the post-workout session. Unlike the other exercises; a body continues to burn fat/calories even after the workout session in kettlebell training by speeding the metabolism rate making it one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

➢ Conditioning of the Entire Body


In a normal workout session, one has to hit the different sections of the gym, to ensure a full body exercise. However, kettlebell training takes into account the movement of the entire body and strengthening the joints/muscles of the biceps, triceps, legs, shoulders without getting injured.

For example, a proper fitness session helps incorporate mobility warm-up that can include squats and presses with this tool.


There can be several exercises that can be joined with a kettlebell. It is seriously going to be an effective inclusion in the daily workout session that can compliment the rest of your muscular and physique training. Therefore, it is definitely a must try!