For many people, Lose weight in Kolkata seems perfectly normal, whereas it has to be done faster for many people. You may have to attend a wedding, go to beach parties or want to look best for the summer season. Here, the Rave studio is most renowned as it is the Best Gym in South Kolkata. If you need the perfect body, then opt for the eminent gym and see the results. So how can you lose weight faster with us? Read along to find the answer.

How Do You Lose More Weight?

It is the most cardinal question that you can think of at any time. If you have a hectic lifestyle, you will probably choose to do exercise at home. Here are some of the practices that we offer for the LOSE WEIGHT IN KOLKATA.

  • Make the lunges:

You can start with the standard lunges and then move on to the alternative lunges. This exercise is excellent for the legs and will put more power into your leg muscles. Lunge down, spring back up, swap your legs, and lunge down again. Try to keep pace, and you will see results faster.

  • Mountain climbing:

It is another exercise that involves the movement of the whole body. Think of it as if you are about to climb a mountain. Place your hands in an incline position and bring one knee forward. Then stretch it back and get another knee in the same situation. Now increase the speed; you will feel as if climbing a mountain. It will work out your core and arms. 

  • Side jumps:

The Best Gym For Weight Loss in Kolkata offers to teach this exercise as well. It may seem ridiculous jumping from one side to another, but doing it will give you advanced benefits.

  • Leg raise:

It would be tempting to lie down on the floor but raising the legs one by one will provide lean muscles in the calf area. With that, it will pressurize the core stomach, making it thin as well.

Online Fat Loss Training
  • Types of Equipment:

The best Fitness Online Training comes with a list of equipment you can have or buy online for more significant exercise benefits. You can use elastic bands with dumbbells and much more. Our esteemed trainers give all the advice.

Will Personal Online Training Help in Weight Loss?

If you follow the routine given by our instructor, then you can observe the results sooner than expected. The provided exercises are only a few of what we offer, so feel free to talk to us and select the plan you want.

Weight Loss Exercise Plan In Kolkata


Resistance training, weight lifting, cardio exercises are all part of the weight loss program. The instructors at Rave studio make sure that you take full advantage of the valid for a month, three months, and on-demand Best Personal Training Kolkata. You can have demo sessions as a start and enroll in the one you see best suits your needs. So don’t think twice and give us a call right now.