Doing personal training with a trained trainer is easy, but they may not tell you the techniques required to do the exercise in a better way. Some Great Exercise Techniques Are Offered at the Rave studio, which is the best gym in south Kolkata. If you are new or a pro, we ensure you get optimized health solutions. You might get overwhelmed by the other advertisements, but you will get the best with our Personal Physical Trainer In Kolkata.


Exercise Techniques:

Every human body is different from another. One is gifted with long arms and a small chest, while the other has short arms and long legs. The message is not to copy and find the technique which best suits your body. Let us see what strategies you can use with the Personal Physical Trainer In Kolkata.

  • It is advised that after stretching, you start with squats.  If it is performed under supervision, you can increase strength and extend the knee and hip movement. The Best Kolkata Fitness Center has physical trainers who start with the basics first.
  • Next, go for deadlifts. It will automatically widen your chest muscles. Furthermore, it will create good muscles for your arms. All personal trainers start with some lightweight vars and combine this with squats in later stages. Remember not to bend your back.
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  • The key to boosting fitness is to have intervals in between. No one can benefit if your body gets tired, and instead of focusing on the targets, the other muscles start working, which is not required.
  • Always pay attention to the duration of the exercise.  Repeat the steps with caution. Keep head neutral, and jaw relaxed and shoulder blades in position. Maintain hips in neutral and in line with the body. If you are going to repeat the steps, then increase gradually from 2 sets to 8 and then fourteen.
  • You Must have seen that guts and stress are not friends. If you exercise a lot and feel your guts are under stress, it is time to stop. Find an exercise that relaxes your guts, such as swimming, jogging, yoga, or ask Fitness Experts in Kolkata.
  • If you are not fond of cardio exercises, then go for yoga. Several poses are considered excellent techniques to lose weight, relieve pains, and cure diseases.
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  • With that, select a personal physical trainer who has a physique like your own. He will better understand your problems and guide you properly. The only way to get the maximum is to let the trainer know what you feel after each session.


There are loads of techniques which you can follow for exercise. All Online Personal Fitness Training in India is done keeping in mind the customer’s demand and the program that best suits your needs. It is vital to follow the techniques in all regimes and till the end as then only you can get the desired results. So why wait? Drop a Call at the Rave Fitness Studio, talk to one of our physical trainers for advice, and start instantly.