Expert’s 4 Tips on Turning FITNESS STRATEGIES into a High Performing Session

What training articles and blogs, now-a-day portray is the different ways of getting or staying strong, evading from the various injuries and all the possible strains that a person undergoes. This shows that a person is starting his or her fitness training journey on a high end.


However, what about those who started their fitness session for more strength and power? What about all those who are injured in the midst of the training session? There can be two possibilities to all these- either the person starts the session, gets the good result, but could not continue because of the injury or could not continue with the training at the very beginning itself.

The professional and certified trainers at Rave Fitness Studio consider this to be the worst phase of a person’s training cycle. This particular thing is common amongst the ones who are engaged with bench press, squat and the dead-lift. Any types of injury because of this restrain the person or the trainee from involving into any further exercises that would yield benefits.


However, proceeding in the right direction with the strategies, is always going to empower the training session. If a person wants to continue with the positive changes for a longer course of time, then one must follow the following expert’s tip on turning the fitness strategy into a high performing session —

    • 1. Pairing Some of the Exercises to Decompress the SpineWell, it must be the start of all exercise sessions. Pairing two to three exercises that are not at all similar to each other is a great idea to make your lumbar region happy. Being the reputed fitness centre in Kolkata, we believe in dividing exercises into sets with sufficient rest between them. We prefer doing it in rounds of four to five to maximize the effect the following exercises.

    • 2. Keeping the Bodyweight in ControlKeeping control on the bodyweight is very much essential when it comes to exercising. Though exercises are not going to light up the cranky joints; however, ensure that the joints are mobilized. In addition to this, it also helps to increase your muscle endurance and the strength of the trunk.

    • 3. Exercising on the LATERAL PLANESMost of the sessions of exercises are performed on the plane surface. However, practising on the lateral planes is always going to mobilize your joints and flex your body. Going with the corrective exercises helps make positive changes as it is concentrated on the underlying cause of the pain. We believe it to be the best form as it eliminates the pain by treating the cause.

    • 4. Stressing on Mobility DrillsThe trainers at Rave Fitness Studio engage the trainee with some form of mobility drills to ensure that the training session proceeds on a cursory note. Stressing on CrossFit exercises, Strongman Training, and Hypertrophy Specific Training Program ascertains some of the dynamic moves that target almost all aspects of fitness.

      Another positive impact of such training session is that it helps improvement in the coordination and agility. Apart from this, the mobility drills help in strengthening the skeleton and reduces the chances of injuries of any form.


Experts work with the trainees to help them achieve their fitness goal. Every strategy should be framed keeping in mind the current state of fitness and where you want to go. Exercising by minimizing the possibilities of injuries is one of the ways by which a training session can be made productive.