Can BAD DIET Be Managed by EXERCISE? Find Out The Reality

You may have come across many write-ups all over the internet claiming that if you continue to eat rich calorie-based food, no exercise can help you to get back in your shape. However, these conventional perceptions are meant to be reviewed once again before you start feeling down about the fact that you are never going to come back in shape just because you have overeaten!

So, the question is whether you can out-train poor diet habit or not. Well, to be simple and precise, it entirely depends on you what kind of calories you took and what types of training you have got.

Before giving you a verdict, you need to know what kind of diet can go against you and may turn out to be unmanageable too. Here are the top 3 points.

Eating Beyond BMR Leads to Weight Gain

Understanding BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is pretty essential when you and your trainer is preparing your diet plan. The trainers associated with our fitness studio in Kolkata, recommend, as soon as you start consuming calories beyond your BMR, it will accelerate your weight gain. And, if the calories are coming from fat-based products, your body will start storing fat components too.

Wrong Nutrient Composition


Just like the amount of the food you are consuming, assessing the composition of the nutrients is equally necessary. For instance, eating 500 grams of meat is not similar to eating 500 grams of vegetables.

Both this food are enriched with protein and vitamins but have different effects on your body. Therefore, counting your calorie consumption based on the amount of food you are having, does not always work. And, thus, you fall in the trap of a wrong diet plan.

Making Mistake in ‘Energy In – Energy Out’ Calculation


One needs to design the exercise or ‘energy out’ plan based on the energy intake. And, that’s where a significant mistake happens. When you have sugar in your diet plan, you have to work hard on your exercise techniques as sugar influences insulin secretion, and this particular hormone is known as the storage hormone too.

Similarly, when you are having fat based food that means you are consuming a meal that is high on energy density and you have to give effort to balance out that energy with intense exercises. Otherwise, your body will turn into nothing but fat deposit box.

So, these are some of the reasons that results in fat deposit in your body. Now for the solutions.

Create a Calorie Deficiency in Your Body


This is a smart approach. Once your fitness trainer calculates your BMR, you have to re-design your diet plan. Eating less amount of calories complying with your BMR along with continuing the exercising activities will help you to lose weight.

Train your body for a level of calorie deficit to a certain extent, and then your body will start using the adipose fat to compensate the calorie deficiency. Of course, this should continue for a few days along with the exercises till the excess fat is being used up.

Focus on Strength Training


Strength training is excellent for both fat and weight loss. Getting trained by the experts of Rave Fitness Studio will help you to retain muscle while you are going through the calorie deficit phase.

Secondly, your body starts consuming much more oxygen after the strength based workout (compared to the other exercises) for bringing it back to its original stage, that is the pre-workout stage. Of course, it also accelerates your metabolism rate up to 38 hours once you are done with your strength workout.

Eat ‘Good’ Calories and Keep working on Fitness Training


Spinach, protein shake, protein-packed grilled chicken are some of the fantastic dishes you should definitely include in your diet plan. These are known as good calories that will actually help you in achieving the fitness goals. Poached chicken and spaghetti are also considered as some good calorie dishes along with the green vegetables.

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